"My Mythical Mermaids products came about 10 days ago and I am soooo very pleased. It is worth every penny it costs. I got the Deep conditioner and Curl Smoothie and hair growth oil. The conditioner and smoothie makes my hair so soft and loosens my curls and I love the smell. You have gained a new customer and I will not hesitate to recommend your products and websites to my Detroit friends."

Mae D.

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About Us

Our Mission

Mythical Mermaids is a family business based in Southeastern Wisconsin. Our mission is to create high-quality, healthy, natural and environmentally safe bath and body products. This means leaving out any harmful and unnecessary additives that are found in many products today.

    Meet the Maker- Nia Harrell

Mythical Mermaids was first created as a way to help fund my high school senior trip to Tennessee. I fell in love with making these products immediately. After starting my research, I was alarmed at how many harmful ingredients major companies were adding to their products. These ingredients had no real purpose or benefit, but instead were potentially harmful.  That fueled my passion to continue producing my products. I realized what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it.  As a pre-med student I had concerns as to how I was going to run a business and go to school. That's when I enlisted the help of my family. Of course they answered the call. I've learned a lot in the three years since I've started this. My main goal is to feed your body from the outside in, using ingredients that actually have health BENEFITS.  It has become our desire and passion to continue to make natural bath and body products that are not only natural, but healthy, safe, minimal and FUN.


*  Mermaids are perceived as being naturally beautiful. When you think of mermaids you also think of water, which is a key to healthy hydration. Because our products help promote love for your body, radiant beauty and HEALTHY HYDRATION, it was a perfect fit. 

Our Mythical Guarantee

We promise you:

With Mythical Mermaids rest assured our products are:

  • All Natural

  • Toxic Free

  • Hand-Crafted by our local artisans

  • Non-GMO

  • Not tested on animals

  • Free from Harmful chemicals​

  • Free from Synthetic fragrance oils

  • Free from Petroleum

  • Free from Mineral oil

  • Free from Parabens

  • Free from Carcinogens

  • Free from Aluminum  

  • Free from Sulfates

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